The 100 Best Curse Words and Phrases of All Time

The 100 Best Curse Words and Phrases of All Time

Jul 20

One of my local superhero duties is to help two elderly sisters whenever they need a ride to the grocery store or the doctor.  The older sister is 98, the younger one is in her mid 80′s.

One observation I’ve found with most elderly people is that they’ve stopped giving a fuck about what people think of them.

Every time the younger sister runs into a problem she swears. “Oh, shiiit!”  I don’t know why, but no matter how many times she swears, I find it thoroughly amusing that this elderly woman has no problem cursing up a storm.

That go me wondering…

Why are swear words taboo?  Why have we been conditioned to feel uncomfortable using them?

In Deepak & Gotham Chopra’s new book, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes“, they talk about superheroes having the ability to thrive when there is chaos and confusion.  Remaining rooted when madness swirls around them.

I interpret this to mean we must find ways to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations.  This takes practice since instinctually if feels like a contradiction.

So today we are going to practice by facing the taboo of using swear words, and getting comfortable cursing up a storm.

Almost all of us have a few swear words we consider “off limits”…those are the ones you should practice with.  Plus, every superhero should have one good swear word in their arsenal. :)

A couple of my fellow SuperCHICKs helped me put together this video of the 100 Best Curse Words & Phrases of All Time to get you started.


SHIIIT Illustration: Theo Olesen

What are your favorite swear words?  Which ones make you squirm?  Like a swear word we left out?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SuperCHICKs: Brigitte Bako, Kimberly Huie
Kevin MacLeod
Steve Molter

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  1. Lillian

    I like using the swear words that make me uncomfortable… in bed. Now I’ve got my partner swearing up a storm too. LOL. He pretty much never, ever swears outside of this context, so it comes off as extra-filthy. *smit*

    • kai

      I love it. Taking the curse words into the bedroom!

  2. Spencer

    You guys forgot “Christ on a bike”!

    • kai

      Ha ha! We’ll add that to the list of the next top 100!

  3. elle

    or my best one – “fuck arse cunt”. guaranteed jaw dropper

    • kai

      Ha ha. Always a fan of the guaranteed jaw dropper curse word.

  4. Jo

    LOVE LOVE LOVE—this made me feel so good to watch, it was very cathartic

    • kai

      Thanks Jo! I know! I love how cathartic swearing can be. I’m an advocate. :)

  5. mike

    I love profanity always have I like to be creative in the usage of profanity its kinda an art when I was in the 2nd grade my favorite insult to my teacher was (eat a bowl of dicks and go fuck off) I was raised in a bar room so I was around profanity and I always loved using it I could spell and give a definition of most of the swears and forbidden words before I could read and write my own name if society never deemed words to be bad then most people wouldn’t be disrespectful and use these colorful words

    • kai

      Ha ha! You got it going real young. That “eat a bowl of dicks” is the funniest line ever.

    • Anastassia

      I love to curse in my room when nobody hears me

      • Kai Soremekun


  6. dan

    u cant say va te fair foutre. terminations of the irregular verb aller in singular are je vais , tu vas il/elle va. so u need to say vas not va.

    • kai

      Thanks for the vocab correction. Hopefully they still get the idea. :)

  7. Andrea

    Dick weed, needle dick, simple-ass mo fo, jack ninny, there’s just so many!

    • kai

      LOL! I love them all! This is inspiration to do a sequel. :)

  8. Andrew

    bitch with a capital “C”

  9. trevopr

    is platapuse lookin mutherfucker in here?

    • kai

      LOL! It’s been added to the list for the sequel.

  10. Nick

    Fuck your shit

    • kai

      Love it!

  11. Blank

    Bean fumbler -> ex-boyfriend

    • kai

      Ha ha!

  12. besimamuskic

    fuck nugget

  13. Lauren meunier

    Fuck me sideways!!!!!! Lol

  14. Andrew Walters

    Lots of people at my school say I’ve got the foulest mouth they’ve ever heard. Sometimes they don’t even know what I said. The words people usually don’t understand is mung, coochie, bampot, and sometimes they know what queef means. One time I told a kid to go wank his dad till he shits himself, and he was like what, I started laughing my ass off.

  15. mike


  16. Eve

    My teacher once said someone was in deap shit then apologised and said it was a noun!!! (It was when I was in primary school)

    • Kai Soremekun


  17. Praxilla

    A variation of I shit on everything, came up with by chance.

    Me cago en todo lo que se menea!

    I shit on everything that wiggles!


    • Kai Soremekun

      Ha ha. Definitely have to put that in part 2 if we make one.

  18. davey

    After a career in the Royal Navy and a lifetime of living in Glasgow I have picked up one two useful sweary words and phrases including :

    Cunty Bollocks !! (self explantary)
    Fanny Baws !! (Glasgow varient on CB)
    I SHIT you Not !!! (I tell the truth)
    Wankfest !! (collection of adult magazines)
    Shitforbrains !! (me in my youth)
    Shityourpants !! (me in old age)
    Fuckface !! (anyone arousing my anger)
    Wank splash !! (ejaculation)

  19. Rob


  20. Katelyn

    Mother fucking little ass bastard this ones always been popular with me and my friends since grade2 also dipshit’s one of my faves now in grade 6

    • Kai Soremekun

      LOL. Dipshit is simple and to the point. Can’t do better than that.

  21. Jasmine

    Fuck your cunt and 4 for my teacher mrs pisstiphor mrs pisstifuck mrs christifuck and mrs cuntiphor

  22. Tyler

    I just go with simple and short, but my personalized one is “curdled shit-shooting dick.”