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Are You Kicking Your Own Ass?

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you know I’m a big fan of affirmations and mantras.

I’ve talked about the negative thoughts I struggled with connected to my body.

I had a little fun exploring how to create a personal mantra.

I’m such a fan because I’ve had personal experience with affirmations turning my life around.


I suffered from back pain for eighteen years. I’d almost given up on ever being pain free again.

Then I met an amazing guy who healed my back about 80%.

I wanted it completely healed. We tried various exercises but the tight knot in my lower right back was stubborn.

Nothing worked.

One day, while doing my back exercises, I became aware of what I was thinking.

“You’ll never be completely free of pain.
Your back will always hurt”.

Believe it or not I hadn’t noticed these thoughts up until that point.

Something clicked in my head. This may have something to do with why my back therapy wasn’t working anymore.

Having back pain had become a familiar part of my life. My mind was preventing me from changing what I’d gotten used to.

After that I consciously changed what I said during my back routine.

“Your back is healthy.
You no longer experience pain”.

Two weeks later my back shifted!

I’ve paid close attention to my thoughts ever since. It has changed my experience of life.


Given that 80 percent of an average person’s thoughts are negative, it never hurts to put a magnifying glass on what you’re thinking every so often.

My life is going pretty good right now but even with all the goodness I’m aware that I place most of my focus on the one area where I have angst.

During my favorite yoga class the teacher gave me a synchronous refresher on the importance and significance of mantras.

Here’s what she said:

“Try not to judge yourself.
Be mindful of negative thought forms that beat you up.
Mantras are sound currents.
It’s not so much what they mean it’s what they do.
If you repeat something over and over in your head it’s a mantra.
While you’re repeating the mantra other thoughts can’t get in cause you’re doing this repetitive thinking or singing or talking.
We all have mantras. We hope that they’re positive and not negative.
I’m a piece of shit, I’m a piece of shit, is not a good mantra.
I am love, I am peace are better”.


Over the next week pay closer attention to what you’re thinking. If you discover way too many negative thoughts in there switch it up.

When you notice a negative thought immediately replace it with a positive one.

Start a 5 minute daily ritual where you speak positive affirmations out loud.

If you need some help check out my superhero affirmations video for some fun suggestions to get you started.


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