Who is CH!CK?

Ever feel like you were destined for greatness and feel like a total loser at the same time? I have. It’s the reason I started whoisCH!CK.

I didn’t just want to get rid of those loserish feelings, I wanted to connect with other aspiring superCH!CKs and have some fun while we realize our greatness.

whoisCH!CK is an entertainment experience that blurs the lines between fiction and real life. It is home to our fictional web series “CH!CK“, about one woman’s quest to become a superhero, and our blog “Just Add Cape” where we explore how to be a superhero in real life.

If you want to:
+ Find the courage to make changes in your life
+ Stop worrying about letting you or your family down
+ Tap into your alter-ego and build your self-confidence
+ Quit surviving and start living your dreams

Then put on your cape, SIGN UP and join the adventure.