Hidden somewhere in the urban jungle of Los Angeles, there is thought to be a secret academy where regular people can train to become superheroes...

CHICK is a comic drama that uses the superhero as a metaphor for exploring human potential. The web series follows the adventures of Lisa, a woman disillusioned with her life, as she sets out on a quest to realize what she believes is her destiny; to become a superhero.


Lisa a.k.a. Chick

As a child Lisa dreamed of being a graphic designer, a dancer, a veterinarian, and a superhero. Anything was possible because Lisa knew she was destined for greatness. But years of cruel relationships and dead-end jobs has left her emotionally beat down. The more Lisa tries to dig herself out of a hole, the further she seems to fall, until one day she gives up and fate steps in...

Dorothy a.k.a Dot

A feisty attitude wrapped in a small package and pushing eighty, Dot's motto is..."Take a few lovers, travel the world, and don't take any crap." Claiming to be a retired superhero, Dot offers to help Lisa realize her dream of becoming a superhero.

Leonard a.k.a. The Martyr

A ruthless attorney, one day Leonard snapped. He walked away from his high-profile gig and disappeared off the grid with only the clothes on his back...a tailor made suit. Now, Leonard lives on the streets, dedicated to helping anyone in need.

Hunter a.k.a. That Yahoo

From the outside Hunter is the image of perfection - charismatic, intelligent, handsome. Beneath the surface Hunter holds many secrets. Manipulative and a habitual cheater over the three years Lisa and Hunter have been together, he uses his charms to keep Lisa captivated.

Lily a.k.a. Wildfire

The mysterious female superhero, Lisa catches Hunter with, Wildfire is a sexy, vixen who should never be crossed.



  1. Meridian

    Great film production and powerful message. You go girl!

  2. Jenine Mayring

    Great concept. Looking forward to seeing the web series. Go CHICK power!

  3. susan arnout smith

    Congrats, Kai! You look terrific. Great
    production value Can’t wait to follow Chick in her adventures!
    Susan Arnout Smith

  4. Sarah


    It looks fantastic! I’m so excited to see more. Congratulations!

  5. sharon

    MY MOM SAYS YOU ROCK. Kai you are a superhero! It looks fantastic.

  6. Conor

    Great stuff!! What happens!?

  7. Stormie Mills

    nice to see it’s still tough to make a movie in LA & your still stealing locations Kai!!! looking good can’t wait to see what happens. Stormie

  8. Susan

    That was fantastic! Can’t wait to see more!

  9. Billy Mayo

    Congratulations, Kai.

    The show looks beautiful, as do you. You are Fantastica!

    Some great shots, great concept. Keep it up.

  10. Dawn

    Kai, This is so great! Can’t wait for episode 3, congrats.

  11. Joe Fanene

    Kai, thanks for the link – this is great viewing – I’m hooked…

  12. Tricia

    So amazing! I just found this today and love it! Can’t wait to see more.

  13. Melanie

    Just watched all the episodes in a row. Love the story, the cinematography, the stop-motion. You go, Kai. Congratulations again. Can’t wait to see what happens to Fantastica next. And congrats on the directing award.

  14. Me

    Seriously a super hero??? LOL
    Anyway the message is good..

  15. Robin

    This is just what I needed right now, thanks

    • kai

      Yaay! We love good timing. :)

  16. Sherrieonline

    Loved it!!!

  17. Jamie

    I’m a guy and found your page from a post someone shared on G+.
    Maybe its the feminine side of me but you realy talk to me also.
    Good luck with everything I hope this can help me too.
    For years I have wanted to be that person and it is a relief to notice that 98% of people are the same as me and just surviving.
    I want and need change to enable me to smile during g my days and handle the days that are not so kind to me.

    All the best

    • admin

      Hey Jamie ~
      Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. I love when guys jump in and join the fun. Welcome!!


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