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What To Do If You Fail?

“I am Fantastica!”
Disillusioned with her life, Lisa follows her passion to become a hero for women everywhere.


Within Me Lives a Superhero

“Fantastica Lives!”
Have you ever struggled with finding yourself? Lisa has chosen death over dishonor, until fate steps in.


Tap Into Your Girl Power

“I’ve never even heard of Wildfire. Fantastica could kick her ass!”
Lisa confronts her cheating boyfriend and must decide what to do next.


How To Leave a Man

“I knew you and me was too good to be true”
Caught cheating, Hunter does whatever is necessary to keep Lisa from leaving him.


Are You The Next Superhero?

“Destiny has spoken.”
Dealing with an ex who won’t let her go, Lisa stays determined to become a real life superhero.


How To Be Fearless

“I know deep down in my gut that I was meant to be a superhero.”
Lisa’s quest to become a kick-ass female superhero begins with her journey to find the secret academy.


How Bad Do You Want It?

“You ever feel like you were destined for greatness? I feel like a total loser at the same time?”
Are you willing to sacrifice everything in order to realize your dream? Lisa leaves her old life behind and choses to follow her gut feeling and find the Secret Academy.


Believe In Yourself

“I will be Fantastica. A superchick. The baddest of the bad. My presence will make the world a better place for everyone!”
On a mission, Lisa learns how to talk to strangers. She questions Samuel L. Jackson, Spiderman, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman on Hollywood Blvd about the location of the Secret Academy.


Inner Voice

“The life of a superhero ain’t no joke!”
Finding herself in a duel with her inner voice, Lisa asks for help.


Living With a Dream

“Screw all those people who think I’m crazy! I’m continuing the search!”
Evolving into the spokeswoman for believing in yourself. Lisa moves one step closer to learning how to get superpowers when she receives a mysterious book.


The Search Continues…

“I’m just gonna do this!”
The search continues for the Secret Academy. Lisa uses the mysterious book to find the answers for her quest.


Halt Villain!

“I am for freedom. I am for peace. I choose to use my power to fight the never-ending war for truth and justice.”
Fantastica appears on the streets of Los Angeles and uses her girl powers to take down her first villain.


Dreaming of Becoming a Hero

“I surrender my dreams to no one.”
Lisa blurs the line of reality as she imagines her dream through the pages of her comic book.


Female Revolution

“Keep searching!”
Lisa discovers other superchicks exist.


Who Is The Mysterious Supervillain?

“Learning for learning sake.”
Lisa has an emotional breakdown after a super villain breaks into her car and steals the comic book.


SuperCH!CK Heroes Go Into Hiding

“This is not a night class; it is a journey to the center of yourself.”
Disillusioned with her search, Lisa ponders her next move.


Should I Contact My Ex?

“She is a stubborn one.”
Should I contact my ex? Lisa’s ex-boyfriend, Hunter, returns to test her perseverance.


Afro CH!CK on a Mission

“You messed with wrong chick today.”
In a series of synchronous events, Lisa is led to a mysterious superchick.


Lisa Meets a Cool CH!CK

“There are no mistakes.”
Along the lines of Betty White and May Parker, Lisa meets one of the original superchicks.


CH!CK in Training

“Horsefeathers! You are not a superhero yet. You are a CHICK in training.”
In the CHICK season one finale Lisa gets her first instructions as she begins training to become a real life superhero.