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fantastica_greenA couple of years ago, I remember being excited when I read the Silverlake Film Festival was going to hold a panel called Greening your Film. I had been striving to implement green practices into my personal life and knew when CHICK kicked into gear I wanted to step it up and make green filmmaking a part of the production.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interact with fellow artists who were environmentally conscious filmmakers.

I showed up and entered a room filled with…no one.

I left my “personal” one-on-one panel excited about the possibilities but disillusioned that there weren’t more filmmakers out there passionate about green film production. I sat with this for a while pondering why.

I thought about every time I’d gone into production; the stress, the limited resources, both financially and otherwise; the crossed fingers that I’d finish my project before my money ran out; the exhaustion throughout the process as I wore more hats than I should.

I realized with the odds stacked against indy filmmakers to finish a film, the last thing they needed was an added responsibility to worry about.

But at, we believe everything in life is a choice.  Anything can happen if you choose to make it a priority. We also believe all things are connected.  When you approach life this way, every decision you make takes on new meaning.

CH!CK was shot on an ultra-low budget.  We hope by sharing our green practices, other filmmakers will be inspired to make choices that result in more eco-friendly films. We intend to be a model that shows lack of funding or resources doesn’t prevent you from being environmentally responsible.

Heck, if we went green on our tiny budget, anyone can! Plus, we’re fans of baby steps.  Small changes can make a huge difference.

Talking about our green initiatives wouldn’t be complete without sending a loving shout out to the cast and crew who backed our green mandate from the very beginning. Without their support none of this would have been possible.

Big love to the superheroes of CH!CK. We are proud to be the first green, web series production.



  • Scripts were distributed electronically
  • Hardcopy scripts, when needed, were printed on recycled paper or printed double sided.
  • Telephone meetings were scheduled in lieu of in-person meetings when possible
  • Carpooling for location scouts when possible


  • Fabrics and art were used to dress walls as opposed to paint.  Fabrics used were minimally altered so they could be recycled for other uses. {Episode 3, 4 & 5}
  • Key props and elements of the set dressing were first sourced at thrift stores to encourage the mandate of reuse/recycle.
  • When items were bought new the Art Dept. tried to favor companies who had some kind of green initiative in place. I.E. Ikea (reflected in their products, bag policy and recycling stations – including batteries)
  • Where possible items from sustainable materials were used on sets. I.E. bamboo vases, bamboo yoga mats, some food items did double duty as set dressing and craft service. This reduced accumulation of excess garbage.
  • Prop garbage consisted of recyclable materials which were subsequently recycled after the shoot. {Ep. 2}
  • CHICK going green with Ecousable Water Bottles

  • Plastic water bottles dressed in the dumpster were donated by an eco-conscious company.  State of Mind Water {Ep. 2}
  • Recycle symbol was painted onto the dumpster as a visual shoutout to the production’s green mandate. {Ep. 2}
  • Temporary spray paint was used for the recycle symbol as an alternative to plastic self-adhesive decals. {Ep. 2}
  • Cardboard boxes used as props in dumpster were obtained from members of the LaReUseIt yahoo group {Ep. 2}
  • Prop reusable water bottles were provided by Ecousable {Ep. 3,6 & 7}
  • Prop toothbrush made from 100% recycled materials  {Ep. 6 & 7}


  • Carpooling was encouraged during the shoot
  • CHICK used filtered water on set

  • A crew member was invited to stay overnight at location as an alternative to racking up unnecessary mileage over the initial three day shoot.
  • When a shoot day required company moves.  Crew carpools were coordinated for travel to additional locations.
  • Cast & crew were asked to bring their own mugs & reusable water bottles
  • Ecousable donated thirty reusable water bottles for the cast & crew.  No plastic bottles were used on set.
  • Filtered water was provided in ‘studio’
  • Brita Jugs obtained from member of LaReUseIt Yahoo group
  • Recycling bins and a composting bucket were implemented on set.
  • CHICK created a compost bin on set

  • Craft service items were organic where the budget allowed.
  • Bulk snacks were purchased instead of individually wrapped.
  • Meals were donated or ordered from environmentally responsible restaurants who actively use organic/local ingredients. Oburger, Andiamo
  • Plates were made of recycled materials
  • Production was shot digitally instead of on film
  • Rechargeable batteries were used whenever possible.  Any other batteries used were disposed of at appropriate recycle centers.


  • Wardrobe was taken from actor’s personal wardrobes when possible.
  • Eco-friendly tank top donated by Color My Soul {Ep. 3, 4 & 5}
  • Sustainable wood sunglasses donated by iWood Ecodesign {Ep. 6 & 7}


  • All post production files were distributed using an online file sharing site or via email
  • Online distribution main form of distribution
  • Ecofont used for press kit
  • Press kit made available digitally
  • web site hosted by eco-friendly web hosting company – AcornHost


We believe all things are connected.
When life is approached this way every decision you make takes on new meaning.


Simply, leaving as little environmental impact on the planet as possible while producing your film.
Be part of the change.


Get inspired by these green filmmaking resources.





Drop us a line to share your comments, feedback and suggestions for greening future productions of CHICK.

Kai Sig