How To F**k Up A Villain’s Day

How To F**k Up A Villain’s Day

Feb 27

The co-worker who laughs at your dream idea and calls it stupid.

The jealous girlfriend who points out the one thing wrong with your outfit.

The waitress who verbally attacks a gay couple for raising children together.

These are your everyday villains we come in contact with on the regular.

We can’t get rid of them so how do we deal with them?

Speak up!

It’s the simplest, but also the hardest thing to do.

Villains rely on silence. They rely on our fear keeping us quiet and passive.

It is our job as superheroes to shine a light on the unacceptable.

When you see an injustice going down step in and stand by the innocent.

We will never completely rid the world of negativity and hurt but as superheroes part of our purpose is to represent for love and kindness.

This helps keep the dueling forces of love and hate balanced with love hopefully maintaining a slight edge.

This clip from the show What Would You Do brought me to tears. It showed how patrons in a Texas restaurant responded to a waitress verbally attacking a gay couple for raising kids together.

Almost half the patrons revealed their superhero alter egos.

What would you do in this situation?

With life going at such a fast pace it’s easy to say I’m too busy, too tired or too overwhelmed to get involved in other people’s problems.

One of the superheroes in the video said it best…
“Silence is one of the failures of today. …When [we] see an intolerance [we] stay silent.”

As superheroes it’s our job to tap into our courage, speak up and fix the failure of silence.

Taking Superheroism To The Next Level

So job #1 is to protect the innocent, the one being attacked.

But what about the villain, the person attacking?

I came across this interesting post on Facebook that seemed to speak to how superheroes could take it to the next level and switch up how they “take down” the villain.

I was recently told of an African tribe that does the most beautiful thing.

When someone does something hurtful and wrong, they take the person to the center of town, and the entire tribe comes and surrounds him. For two days they’ll tell the man every good thing he has ever done.

The tribe believes that every human being comes into the world as GOOD, each of us desiring safety, love, peace, happiness.

But sometimes in the pursuit of those things people make mistakes. The community sees misdeeds as a cry for help.

They band together for the sake of their fellow man to hold him up, to reconnect him with his true Nature, to remind him who he really is, until he fully remembers the truth from which he’d temporarily been disconnected: “I AM GOOD”.

What would happen if we hit villains with a blast of love?

I am the first to acknowledge that this is some of the hardest superhero work to perform. But it’s something cool to strive for.

What do you think?


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