Develop Your Superpower For Just One Penny!

Develop Your Superpower For Just One Penny!

May 30

In case you missed last weeks post, we are jumping into a series that explores one of the most amazing superpowers humans possess…intuition.

My intuition has guided me to do things like move to another city for a few months as a way to recover from a bad relationship, drive solo across the country while doing a silent sabbatical and create whoisCHICK so it can be shared with the world.

So, what is intuition?

Intuition translates to “the teacher within.” In short, it is the acquisition or access to knowledge without the use of reason.

Making decisions without the use of reason can be nerve-wracking. It’s not how we’re normally taught to function.

I grew up in a “logical” household. When I first learned about intuition it was hard for me to trust the intuitive hits I got. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the process. What helped was realizing I was tapping into a universal, intelligent life force that exists within everyone.

Tapping In

The first step in learning to use your intuition is to figure out how your intuition speaks to you. It could be a physical impulse that catches your attention like a tingling sensation or the hairs on your body standing on end.

My intuition speaks to me through a feeling I get in my stomach or as a subtle voice I hear in my head.

Today’s exercise will help to arouse your intuitive feelings so you can learn how they speak to you.

Flip A Coin

{via Andrew Davidhazy}

The next time you have a decision to make try this:

1. Ask a question. It can be a yes/no question or a question that has two ways to move forward.
2. Grab a coin. Decide which side of the coin represents each decision.
3. Breath. Get quiet and try to be aware of your mind and body.  This only takes a couple of seconds.
4. Flip the coin.
5. Heads or Tails? Your intuition will react to the whichever side the coin lands on.

It is important you notice your immediate reaction to the decision the coin makes.

Intuition is fast.

It doesn’t use thought to make decisions which means the first, split second reaction to which side the coin lands on, is your intuitive voice speaking. Wait more than a few seconds and start thinking about the decision the coin made, and you may miss the message from your higher voice.

Remember, your goal at this stage is to simply connect to your intuition and learn how it speaks to you. Don’t worry too much about whether the response you get is right or wrong. Just feel.

Emotions play a significant part in how easily you feel your intuitive hits. Start with small decisions while doing this exercise and work your way up to big, life changing decisions that may be more emotionally charged.

I used this exercise to make a decision on Monday. You can check out my experience in the comments below.

So now it’s your turn to try.

Did you feel a reaction? What did it feel like? Was it strong? Subtle? Non-existent? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

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