How To Talk To The Universe and Make It Your Sidekick!

How To Talk To The Universe and Make It Your Sidekick!

Mar 14

A few years ago I went on a solo vacation to Maui. I had been working non-stop for months and desperately needed some down time.

As soon as I stepped off the plane I made a conscious choice to let go of all my stress, relax and live in the present moment.

Then interesting things started to happen…

Driving along the winding mountain road my first day there, I remembered I wanted to walk a labyrinth while in Maui. In my rush, I’d forgotten to research where one might be before I left. Within a minute of that thought I came to an intersection and there, in the middle of nowhere, on the side of the road was a small sign. “Labyrinth this way” with an arrow pointing to the right.

Wow that’s cool, I thought.

The next day, coming back from grocery shopping, I realized I’d forgotten to get lemons for the fish I had planned to cook that night. Annoyed but too far up the mountain to turn back I accepted my fate of fish with no lemons.

When I arrived back at my accommodations, the owner of the property had been mowing the lawn, picked up some lemons that had fallen from their lemon tree and placed them on my porch. He told me he thought I would like them.


Another day, driving along a scenic ocean highway on the other side of the island I thought wouldn’t it be cool to see some whales. Suddenly the traffic came close to a standstill. What the heck was going on, I thought? Sure enough, what did I see a couple of minutes later? A family of whales frolicking in the ocean right beside me.

Whoa!  Something was definitely up. It was like I’d synced up with the Universe’s help line and my every desire was being granted.

The synchronicities and guidance continued like this throughout my vacation. It was pure magic.

Since that trip I’ve tried to figure out how I can recreate that connection to the universe in my everyday life.

It’s not easy. Stress, worry, rushing around and not having time to just stop, breath and get centered creates a lot of interference.

Still, despite the challenges, I have found small ways to chat with the universe on the regular.  I don’t think there’s a better sidekick for a superhero than the big U!

Stay Aware

I’ve realized the universe talks to me all the time. But if I’m wrapped up in my thoughts or have my nose in my cell phone, I miss the conversations.

Ask For Guidance

Asking the universe for help with a specific problem or question you’re struggling with is how you can start the conversation. The universe is always ready to help. Just ask.

Stay Open

Signs can often show up in packages that don’t look familiar or make sense or feel comfortable. Be open to solutions and opportunities you would never have come up with on your own.

Look For Signs

It’s kind of crazy how many signs the universe puts in front of us. I bet if we were really tuned in we’d see almost everything we encounter is a sign of some sort.

Here are some I’ve experienced:

Coyotes: There was a period when coyotes were showing up in my life so much I looked up what they meant symbolically. Turns out coyotes are often called the trickster. They are considered a sacred symbol and are telling you to develop a sense of humor and not take yourself too seriously.

Radio & Television: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve randomly turned on the radio or television and been hit with a message from whatever program was playing at that moment.

Signs & Billboards: I remember during a really tough time in my life I was desperate for some sort of spiritual guidance. One day I walked into a store and saw a poster in the window that caught my eye. The poster was for a talk by a woman with a unique approach to meditation. I attended the lecture and ended up practicing that mediation technique for a couple of years. It helped me work through a lot of anger I was struggling with at the time.

Look For Repetition

I have a rule. If something crosses my path more than once, it means the universe is telling me to pay attention. Often this shows up as different people, mentioning the same thing to me.

The Scientist Who Became a Matchmaker
Recently, a man I barely knew expressed he wanted to set me up on a date with his friend. It was so odd, given how little we knew each other that I hesitated and then said no. He came back more persistent. I paused feeling I was supposed to breath before making a final decision. Why was he so passionate about something that wouldn’t really benefit him? He wrote me another email as I pondered. This scenario had never happened to me before. He had written three passionate messages in a very short period of time. It felt like one of those odd opportunities from the universe and so I said yes. The romantic connection didn’t work out but the dates I had with the man I got set up with left a lasting impression. It opened up my world and I learned a lot about myself that will impact me for the rest of my life.

Read it!  Read it! Read it!
I’m currently reading a book called 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami.
I’d never heard of this author before picking up this book. Why am I reading it? Because it kept crossing my path. As I surfed the web it would pop up. A lot! I took it as a sign. And now I’m in the middle of reading this amazing book I would never have chosen on my own.

Chatting with the universe like this is so much fun. It can add adventure, excitement and possibility to your world.

How about you? Have you gotten signs from the universe? Did you act on them or ignore them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Hannah

    I really need some help from the universe right now, i just need a day. By the way your website is awesome.

    • Kai Soremekun

      Thanks for the site love.
      I hope the Universe has lent you a hand since you left this message.
      It's not the end