How Erasing Memories Can Help You Realize Your Greatness

How Erasing Memories Can Help You Realize Your Greatness

Jun 05

The second week of the French Open tennis tournament is happening right now.

Serena Williams is the favorite to win the women’s title.

Last year, in a shocking upset, she lost in the first round.

Recently, when asked about her poor performance in 2012 her response was.

“I wasn’t at the French Open last year.”

Without blinking, she refused to engage in a conversation about last year.

In her mind she had blocked it out.

Now Serena is no joke when it comes to determination equaling success.

This is the CH!CK to watch if you want to see how mental strength affects your ability to realize your dreams.

I found it fascinating that she had chosen to have selective memory and not remember her early exit last year.

Then I thought, she might be on to something here.

So many times we cling to the memories where we made a mistake, didn’t succeed or got hurt. But how does that help us moving forward?

Sure we can learn some things by having a moment of reflection, but after that does it help to hold on to those memories?

All they do is make us feel insecure and afraid to try again.

Like Serena we need to focus on the wins not losses.

Who cares if your parents scolded you for failing at something.

Who cares if that business you started didn’t pan out.

Who cares if your got your heart broken.

Those events have no bearing on your future… unless you let them.

Help realize your potential by wiping your mind clean of memories that don’t serve your greatness.


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