We are forming a small army of SuperCHICKs.

The CHICK Revolution is for bad-ass CHICK’s who have chosen to walk towards their fears in order to realize their greatness and become superheroes who take over the world!

We learn from one another, support each other and don our superhero outfits when the world needs us.

The first step to joining the revolution…

Sign up to the right and get you Superhero Starter Kit.

Stay tuned for much more to come!


  1. This Rocks! and I love the JFDI T-Shirt

    • kai

      Super ReTina so glad you found us. Yeah I love off that JFDI Tee too. :)

  2. Kyrea Malcolm

    you are awesome Kai, when is season 2 coming out?

    • kai

      Thank Kyrea! :) We’re working hard on scripts for season two. It will probably come out later this year… Thanks for being a part of the CHICK family.

      • Kaxxina

        Are you looking for other CHICK superheroes for your videos?

      • Kai Soremekun

        As things come up we put things out to the CH!CK community. We love including other SuperCH!CKs in our videos. If you have something specific in mind definitely let us know. :)

  3. Dena Hughes

    Hi Ms. Kai! I found your site this morning. How awesome. I too, am a super chick looking to connect with other revolutionaries! I am looking forward to connecting with you. Down in H-Town.
    We are making similar connections in Houston and I would love to share your site with the community. Thanks for being present!

    • Kai Soremekun

      Hello in Houston! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a message. It’s always great to connect with fellow Super CH!CKs. Welcome!

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